Create a new Supabase project

You can also self-host Supabase on your own infrastructure. Learn more.

You’ll need a Supabase account to get started. Sign up if you don’t have one already.

Once you’ve signed up, create a new project. You can do this by clicking on the “New Project” button or by following this link.

Migrate your database

Once you’ve created a new project, you’ll need to migrate your database. You can do this the following ways:

Configure Supabase Authentication

Once you’ve migrated your database, head over to the Url Configuration settings and add the following site and redirect URLs:

Site URL: https://<your-domain>.com

Redirect URLs: https://**.<your-domain>.com/**

Prepare your environment variables

Once you’ve migrated your database, you’ll need to prepare all necessary environment variables for the next step.

You can find a list of all environment variables and where to find them here.

For hosting on a subdomain

This is genuinely recommended if you already host a landing page on your root domain (e.g.

If you’re planning hosting Feedbase on a subdomain, meaning your Feedbase instance (admin dashboard) will be accessible at https://<subdomain>, you’ll need to set the following environment variables:

  • SUBDOMAIN_HOSTING: Set this to true
  • DASHBOARD_SUBDOMAIN: Set this to the subdomain the Feedbase dashboard (NOT the public hubs, those have to be handled via custom domains in the dashboard) will be hosted on (e.g. feedbase)
  • CUSTOM_DOMAIN_WHITELIST: A comma separated list of custom domains with the same root domain as the one you are hosting on. This is used to whitelist custom domains for the public hubs. For example, if you are hosting on, you can add and to the list and then assign them to you’re project in the Feedbase dashboard.

Deploy to Vercel

Finally, you can deploy your Feedbase instance to Vercel by following the instructions here.


If you run into any issues, feel free to reach out to us on Discord or open an issue on the Feedbase repository.

Common issues

Vercel deployment fails with Error: No Output Directory named "public" found after the Build completed

This error occurs due to the monorepo structure of the Feedbase repository. To fix this, head over to your Project Settings > General and set the “Root Directory” to apps/web.

Deployment page shows 404: NOT_FOUND Vercel error

This usually occurs when the Build and Deployment settinsg are misconfigured. To fix this, head over to your Project Settings > General and select the “Framework Preset” to “Next.js”.

Feedbase pages show 404 errors

This is often due to misconfigured subdomain environment variables. Please refer to the Prepare your environment variables section and ensure that all necessary environment variables are set correctly.